Audience Etiquette

I go to a lot of concerts. I play a lot of concerts and I am astounded at the disregard that audience members show the performers and fellow audience members. Why do audience members always seem to cough at the quietest moment of the performance. Why do they cough wildly between movements? Why do people insist on opening their cellophane wrappers as slowly as possible? Why do some audience members insist on being the first to applaud after a quiet ending that should inspire contemplation? Why do audience members walk out during the applause? Do they really save that much time, to be so disrespectful to the performers?

10 Commandments for Audience Members

1.Thou shall plan to arrive in a timely fashion, so as to not disrupt the listening experience of others.
2.Thou shall possess cough drops and dutifully unwrap them prior to the beginning of the performance.
3.Thou shall turn off cell phone upon entering auditorium.
4.Thou shall exhibit self-control by not coughing or sneezing during the softest passages.
5.Thou shalt not be the first to applaud.
6.Thou shalt not depart whilst applause is still occurring.
7.Thou shalt not slumber in the front row.
8.Thou shall grant a standing ovation only to performances that merit thus.
9.Thou shall never photograph or audio/video record the performance by unauthorized means.

10. Thou shall understand and appreciate the effort that went into the performance and relish being present during the recreation of great art.